The Right Cleaning Tools Make Your Job Easier
By Kathryn Weber

There's nothing like walking into a house that's just been cleaned. Ahhhh....that clean, bright smell. That clear, fresh feeling. It's something everyone enjoys, but what it takes to get there isn't always the most fun. However, when it comes to a sense of accomplishment, there's nothing like a good scrub to make you feel that you got the most out of the day.

In that regard, cleaning is therapeutic. It's one of the few things that allows you to have closure. However, when it comes to real cleaning, the job demands the right tools. That musty sponge in the corner of the cabinet under the sink isn't going to cut it if you want your home to really sparkle.

Various cleaning tools offer different advantages - from sheer cleaning and scrubbing power, to sanitary qualities, to their ability to do specific jobs, such as picking up hair and lint. Some of the tools bring you new ways to clean that you might not have thought of before. Some may provide you with new incentives to clean just because you will have a better way of getting the job done.

What do I mean exactly? Well, when it comes to surfaces such as ceramic topped stoves, cleaning may be overlooked because they are such a pain to clean. However, there are now new types of cleaning cloths that make polishing stoves tops easy and, well, rewarding because you can do it well and easily.

So, if you are dismayed by cleaning and not getting the results you'd like, consider the tools you are working with. Maybe it's time to get serious about investing in the right tools to get the job done.

Tools That Make Cleaning Easier

1.Microfiber cleaning cloths.

These cloths are miracle workers. They make cleaning a snap and shine like nothing else. Tired of spraying gallons of window cleaner on your granite surfaces and using two rolls of paper towels to make them shine? Well, here's your answer. Microfiber cleaning cloths shine and brighten granite, glass, chrome or metal, and work WONDERS on ceramic stovetops. READ MORE ABOUT THE MIRACLE OF MICROFIBER.

2.Cleaning cloths.

When it comes to dusting or overall cleaning, nothing can compare to a good quality cleaning cloth. No, your husband's old undershirt is not the tool of choice for dusting. Besides that, who WANTS to clean with an old t-shirt? Old clothes are for the trash, not for cleaning.

Purchase a set of 10 white dish or cleaning cloths to be used only for cleaning. These should be used for three different distinct purposes:

1.General cleaning, such as windows, mirrors, and polishing metal

2.Furniture dusting and polishing

3.Scrubbing, such as counters, walls, floors, etc.

Now, to keep your interest in cleaning, make sure to keep your cloths clean by washing them regularly in HOT water. Throw in some bleach to the wash to keep them white and pretty. Having a clean cloth to begin with will keep you interested in cleaning and WON'T spread more dirt and grime around.

4.Electrostatic mopping/dusting cloths.

Marketed under the names of Swiffer and Grab-It, these cloths work miracles in getting up dust bunnies, hair, and anything small and difficult-to-grab. Do yourself a favor and follow vacuuming with an electrostatic mop! You'll be amazed at everything your vacuum leaves behind and that these little gems pick up. Too cheap to buy one? Then put an old pair of stockings or pantyhose over a mop and use this after vacuuming. It does an amazing job.

5.Baby wipes.

These aren't for bottoms anymore. No, these versatile cleaning cloths are great from removing everything from eye make-up to messy faces. In the home, they are the perfect spot remover. Baby wipes quickly pick up stains on carpets and upholstery don't leave behind soapy residue that actually ATTRACTS MORE dirt, like many specialized carpet and upholstery cleaners do. Wipes are also great for walls and woodwork.

6.Paper towels.

Cleaning toilets is a nasty job, but one of the most important when it comes to having a clean house. Keep a spray cleaner such as 409 or Pine Sol in a cabinet close to the toilet with a roll of paper towels to clean when needed. Use the paper towels to clean the seat and outside of the bowl. Then, throw these away. Really, now, who would want to REUSE a cleaning rag or sponge that's been used on a toilet? Ick. Paper towels are the way to go here.


Sometimes you just need to get in there and clean and the Army was right, it often takes a toothbrush to do it. Keep a toothbrush around to clean corners of grout, stained tops of woodwork, or any nook and cranny that needs a scrubbing.

8.Wastebasket liners.

Keep these on hand to line trashcans. Then, when it's time to empty the trash, you don't have to go searching for a bag to empty it into. Put two or three in the bottom of the can so that when the trash goes out, you've got a new liner there ready to go. Keeping trash cans lined is another "clean" idea that keeps can nice and clean.

9.Telescoping duster.

Everyone needs to get into those hard to reach places. Get a telescoping duster to help you reach into high corners, dust chandeliers, or tops of bookcases.

10. The Right Paint.

Strange as it seems, paint can be your best friend when it comes to cleaning. If you have flat paint on your walls, you will have a very difficult time cleaning your walls of fingerprints and other stains. Your painter may kick and scream, but the next time it comes to paint a room, choose egg shel or other paint finish that can be cleaned.

11.Brush for scrubbing.

Sometimes, you just need to get down on the floor and scrub. When those times come up, make sure you have a good quality stiff-bristled brush to do the job. Nothing can compare to a shower that has had its tile brushed.


These are essential for cleaning windows. Yes, windows. You've got to clean them, too. A squeegee will help you clean windows without having to wipe everything completely dry or use up fifty rolls of paper towels. Use a cleaning cloth to wipe any excess liquid.

13.Tall broom & mop.

Mops and brooms are often too short for you to really apply adequate pressure for cleaning. Select brooms and mops from janitorial supply stores or home improvement centers, like Lowe's, to find brooms that are heavy-duty and industrial-sized. Taller brooms and mops also won't leave you with a backache that will stop you from the rest of your cleaning, too!

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