5 Cleaning Tips When You Hate Cleaning
By Kristi Patrice Carter

If you hate cleaning, it can seem impossible to get motivated enough to clean! There really aren't a lot of people that enjoy cleaning, so if you hate cleaning then you are definitely not alone. There are some great tips and tricks that you can do if you hate cleaning.

1. Try not to get frustrated and stressed!
- The number one tip is to not get stressed out when you have to clean. Unfortunately, keeping things clean and tidy is something we all should do, unless you can afford a maid! Since you cannot leave your house a mess, you must clean.  Listen to music while you're cleaning and have fun with it.

2. Keep it Clean
- The best way to limit the amount of cleaning you have to do is to keep things picked up.  As you're walking through the room, if you see some trash, throw it in the garbage.  This will keep you from having to do that later.  If you just clean up after yourself then you won't have to worry about a big mess that you have to clean up all at once. It is a lot easier to clean up after yourself then to clean up a big mess that you let go for a long time.

3. Reward Yourself
- There is actually such thing as rewarding yourself. You know what you would want to be rewarded with, so reward yourself with it.  It might be a night out, a new outfit, etc. Just tell yourself that you are going to get something specific every time you get something cleaned, whether it is a room or a house or a part of a room. Any way you want to do it is up to you, but rewarding yourself for cleaning when you hate to clean can help quite a bit. 

4. Clean with a Friend
- Yes, this one may seem silly but it works. If you can manage to get a friend to help you with your cleaning you may find it more enjoyable. A good cleaning with a good friend can make the time go by faster and it will not even seem like you are cleaning. You can catch up on some good conversation and get some serious cleaning done all at the same time.

5. Purchase Brand New Cleaning Supplies
- Sometimes, just purchasing new cleaning supplies will help you get motivated to clean.  Maybe you can find things that will make your house smell really great, something that you can simply spray and walk away or anything else that will help motivate you to clean.  Sometimes, purchasing items for your home can get you motivated to clean as well, such as a new knick knack or some art!

Everyone has things that they don't like doing but they have to do. Cleaning is one of the more common tasks we all have to do and many of us probably don't want to clean. If you are one of those people then the tips above could help you a lot.

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